How do we work?

Guidance and Support by e-mail

Confidential, professional therapeutic narrative supports you whilst we work together to identify and manage personal difficulties, increasing self-awareness and learning life strategies to help you make positive life changes.
When you need to be heard, understood and accepted, just as you are.

Confidential Online Counselling

Counselling is very different from other forms of help, and is designed to help you manage better in your life. It concentrates on finding a way of expressing and resolving difficult feelings and looking at how you might get more of what you need from your relationships, career, family life, etc.

Your Counsellor, Therapist or Life Coach will work with you to help you understand your situation more clearly, they have no interest in judging what kind of person you are, their interest is in helping you to understand yourself better and explore how your life can be as satisfying and happy as you wish for.

Together you will explore the options you have and you might go on to decide to do something to change things - but this will be in your hands.

Your counsellor will encourage you to recognise and take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
They will offer you confidentiality (within BACP guidelines), time and space to 'listen' to you, and because this is done by email, the timing is up to you. Your therapist will respond with an indepth therapeutic narrative - a little like having an interactive journal which reflects back what you have shared in an ongoing, flowing therapeutic and supportive dialogue.

When you need someone to talk to who understands. When you want to develop and grow.

Counselling by Telephone

Many of our Therapists and Life Coaches offer telephone sessions alongside e-mail sessions.  This is often useful during a crisis situation or when you want to talk direct with your therapist.  Your therapist will contact you directly to arrange telephone sessions at pre-agreed times.

When you need support and understanding whatever your situation.

Live 'Chat' Sessions

Many of our Counsellors also use secure chat rooms to talk with clients in addition to e-mail therapy.
When you need to know there's someone there to listen.


If necessary, we can refer you to other sources of help or support.
We can point you in the right direction.

Telephone Counselling

Telephone Counselling support is often offered alongside e-mail work, for times when you want to talk direct with your counsellor.

Because sometimes we need to talk to someone who can understand us.
We adhere to The British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy Code of Ethics & Practice